Embracing weirdness in the everyday

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist from Poland living in the UK for the last 17 years. I studied computer science at Bournemouth University and after graduating I developed my craft by experimenting with many different mediums.

My process is to take inspiration from my environment and experiences to produce unexpected and unique outcomes with a playful edge.

From the myriad of techniques I practise I produce narrative work, taking the mundane and ordinary and highlighting topics such as mental health and social and cultural stigmas.

My drive and passion

My aim as an artist exploring these issues is to make challenging topics accessible through humour and self-reflection. I take everyday challenges and make them identifiable by injecting humour and absurdity to break stigma around difficult subjects.

If you would like to work with me or stock my products, please contact me in the first instance by filling in the form.


For comic reviews, please see this shared folder with a few assets for you.

Illustration of a suprised looking seagul